Services - Loughborough Minibus

Hera at Loughborough minibus services, we understand that travelling can be a hectic and costly undertaking. This is why we provide cost-effective, safe and comfortable transport services in Loughborough and its surroundings. Our extensive minibus fleet is ideal for any number of travellers. Whether you are a family going for a vacation, a group of friends going sight-seeing in the area or a team of workmates going for a team building session among others, we are here to cater for your needs. Here are some advantages you get from seeking our services.


Our services are reasonably priced to ensure you make huge savings. Hiring a minibus for a huge team also means you will save a lot on fuel and parking fees.


Our modern air-conditioned fleet of minibuses is spacious enough for your needs. We have installed ergonomically designed seats to make your ride more comfortable. Furthermore, we also have ample room for standard size suitcases.


Our highly trained, experienced and professional drivers uphold the highest standards of safety. Furthermore, since they know the area very well, it is easier for them to navigate and ensure you reach your destination on time. Do not hesitate to contact Loughborough minibus services for your transportation needs.