33 Seater Bus Hire

33 Seater Bus Hire - Loughborough Minibus

At Loughborough minibus, we recognise that our different clients have different needs when it comes to hiring minibuses. This is why we strive to ensure that we maintain a very diverse fleet that can meet any needs. One of the more popular bus options that we have is the 33-seater bus.

As its name suggests, the 33-seater bus has a seating capacity of 33. This makes it ideal for larger groups of travellers. The main benefits of hiring the 33-seater include:


The 33-seater bus is built for comfort. As a bus designed for long distance travel, it has a TV screen and sound system installed in it for entertainment purposes. All the seats are sufficiently plushy, and there is ample leg room for all the passengers.

Adequate Luggage Space

Luggage is a big part of the travelling experience, and when you use the 33-seater, you are guaranteed enough space for the entire luggage. Apart from the overhead luggage space, there is a luggage hold on the underside of the bus for larger items.


Loughborough minibus has a very fair pricing policy that puts our services within reach of our clients. When you get the 33-seater from us, not only are you getting comfort and seating capacity, you are also getting value for your money.

Whenever you need to transport a large group of people within the Loughborough area, hit us up for a price quote on the 33-seater bus.

33 Seater Bus Hire

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