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Loughborough is a town found in the Charnwood borough of Leicestershire. It is full of cultural and historic places to explore, including the Beacon Hill, Charnwood Museum and Country Park, among others. You will not fall short of spots to visit while in town, and Loughborough Minibus is more than happy to drive you there.

Many people travelling to this town wish to witness the horse races. There are various racecourses spewed across the town and around that will give an adrenaline rush. We understand the thrill that comes with such events and have a calendar for whenever they are going to happen and their locations too. This is why you should let Loughborough minibus drive you to these courses that include the following.

Southwell Racecourse

This racecourse has a one of a kind blend of comfort, excitement and thrill, which is the reason it is considered as one of the best sporting destinations. The races take place on the turf and all-weather tracks all year round, so don’t worry about missing an adventure as there are races each day.

This racecourse has been functional for over sixty years, and its grandstand happened in 1886 though riding circumstances were not easy.

The following year, they commenced the building of a new track, and nearly 70 years later, a new enclosed stand was constructed and commissioned in 1965. They made the track all-weather in 1989. It is on this same year that they held their first all-weather National Hunt meeting.

As of now, Southwell hosts jumps and all-weather racing events and hold more than 50 meetings annually. This racecourse is one of the busiest in the state and adjacent to it lays the Southwell golf club that was started 25 years ago and currently has 250 members.

Loughborough Racecourse

You can find this racecourse between Stanford and Loughborough. It held its first race in 1734. Let us drive you there to have a thrilling day with your mates.

Another racecourse that we would be glad to drive you to is the Leicester Racecourse since it has many upcoming events. Book for a ride with us, and we will make your stay in this town worthwhile.

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